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  • Listening to: Probably something that may help me be 'happy
  • Reading: Words probably
  • Watching: Hopefully Cowboy Bebop
  • Playing: with my emotions. Oh wait, that's others...
  • Eating: If I'm able to, dirt.
  • Drinking: Whatever's in the fridge.
I truly hate people. So often people have pissed me off to no end. Here's a little fact, I'm a depressed person. I used to be happy, now it's just fake. At the risk of sounding like an emo or some little prick who just acts out to get attention, I'm constantly thinking about being dead. Yeah, life isn't a race, but who are you to judge me when I say I want to get to the finish line early? That's my business and my choice. I don't care what it says in your book that you base half your life around, if I choose to be gone, I'd hope you'd respect that decision. I respect that you want to believe in something that may sound ludicrous, so why can't you respect MY decisions? Am I always wrong and you're always right? Am I worse than you? Do you know me better than I know me? Have you lived with me for "X" amount of years? No, you know nothing of me, my life, what I've been through, the emotional hell that I'm always going to be stuck with etc.

It's so cute how people complain that their daddy didn't get them the car they wanted. It's adorable seeing little pricks post retarded pictures of themselves doing *blank* and complain about the most petty things ever. "Ugh, my shoes got scuffed!" Pardon my French, but go fuck yourself with a pike. Seriously, my life is far from the worst life ever and I'm grateful for that, but when someone makes an idiotic remark involving something like divorce or jokes about sexism, racism, animal cruelty etc., I feel myself want to completely lay into them. A) Divorce isn't something you hope for, you evil, sadistic waste of vital organs. B) I believe in equal rights, so see how amused I get when you say a retarded 'joke' like "DURRR, WOMUN, GIT BACK IN KITCHEN!!1". There's a few reasons I'm not bludgeoning you to death with your own jawbone. Shall I go into detail? Nah, I'll leave that to the mind. You know it's said that the mind creates far more fear than just flat out saying it... C) Again, I believe everyone is equal, no matter what gender, race, religion etc. You judge someone on their ACTIONS or WORDS. You NEVER judge someone just because they look different to you. Ever hear of the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? I could have made a followup remark about the last sentence, but that would've probably offended some people who I genuinely don't want to offend. D) I HATE people who think it's funny to say something like "I got so tired after beating my dog" and think it's a funny joke. It's not. It pains me to know humans- no, I can't say that... the creatures KNOWN as humans can be so cruel. Breeding dogs to fight each other, purposely torturing animals because you're such a coward that you have to be so twisted as to hurt something so beautiful as an animal. Yes, animals hunt and kill each other, but when have you seen an animal do it for sport? When have you seen an animal kill another animal then have it stuffed to humiliate it? Never. Humans are awful creatures...

Honestly, I don't fear death and haven't for quite some time (years). I have no reason to and if the last 2 walls of text haven't proved it yet, I welcome it even. I have my own beliefs as to what happens when you die, and I'd like people to be able to have their own idea. Of course, if you want to go with a religious idea, please, by all means, do it. I won't step on your beliefs, so please, do not try to force them upon myself or anyone else who isn't interested. I'm what people used to be. I can think for myself without having to have a celebrity tell me what's "In". I dress how I want, I think how I want, I write what I want, I draw what I want etc. You can continue to listen to what others say, but once you feel your collar tighten and realize that life without it is a lot better, let me know. You should really see the grass here. It's mostly dirt, but trust me, it's the most beautiful dirt you'll ever see... from a different point of view...

Oddly enough, I don't feel like crying anymore. You may be able to see the mood change throughout the journal, but this started because I was crying and angry and wanted to vent. Now, I won't say I'm "better" (that's really only relates to non-emotion based things. Example: The tv was broken, but it's all better now that I fixed it. It doesn't apply to something that once it's in you, it's stuck there forever. You can suppress it, maybe even keep it down for quite some time, but it'll never go away. It'll always be there) because then I'd be a liar and if I said it and you believed me, I'd still be a liar for saying it, but you'd also be a liar (to me and yourself). Thinking is apparently the cause of a lot of depression, but that's just how I am. I like to think. I like to think about what others think. Am I paranoid? Yes. Do I care about what people think of me? Yes and no.

I've ranted for long enough and I thank you if you made it this far. Oh, and if you made it this far, you should probably go shower soon (sorry, that was directed towards myself seeing as I'm probably the only one that made it this far. Prove me wrong...)


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Harry / Fett
Artist | Other
United States
I mostly do youtube stuff but I have been known to dabble in the arts.
I'm always interested in voice acting stuff, so please, if you or someone you know needs someone to do some voice acting, let me know (it's much appreciated!) :heart:.
Feel free to send me a note if you feel like talking. I tend to get bored :D

Here's a bit more about me :happybounce::

:bulletred: I'm bisexual, but I prefer women. For guys, I'm really into emo dudes (or emo looking dudes).

:bulletred: I'm a huge gaming nerd but I also enjoy anime, youtube (watching and uploading), ranting, drawing (durh), nature, archery and cooking just to name a few.

:bulletred: I'm fairly easygoing but I'm usually pretty quiet, so don't be upset if I'm not all that talkative at one point or another!

:bulletred: I enjoy talking to people, so feel free to send me a note :iconnoteplz: if you wanna know anything else or you just feel like chatting!

:bulletred: I have a Skype too, so if you'd like to know it, note me!

:bulletred: Doodlin' info:

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I also found this kitty somewhere. I have no clue where...

♥ /| ♥
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♥|、 ~ヽ

Have a good day. From me and that kitty :heart:

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